Persian Nain cleaning and dye bleeding removal caused by urine‏

persian Nain Rug Wash and Cleaning of dye bleeding caused by urine and removal of odor and urine damages plus washing the rug against moth damage .
we are showing you here that we are able to take a challenge on one of the most difficult stain and dye bleeding removal on a very delicate and ultra fine woven Persian Rug out of the finest kork Wool and with Silk high lights
witch was done by Rug Cleaning Repair Darmany

Complete Repair and Restoration of Persian Kerman from ca 1850

Persian Ghom new silk fringe Replacement‏

Professional fringe Replacement‏ on silk Rug  Persian Ghom .

Carpets Cup Asia 2015 Australia


Carpets Cup Asia 2015 Australia

Rugs Plan : master toraj joleh

Design and color :  Mitra taheri

Carpet weaver : Master Hossain Kazemi Hamed

The carpet was woven for the Asian Cup Australia

Silk Fringe Repair Isfahan Rug

Isfahan (persian) Rug Repair

her by we show you whole process of fringe replacement on a persian isfahan with silk foundations cork wool and silk highlights with over 800 knot per square inch including the original finishing one inch kilim on it