Cleaning the strewing color caused by dog’s urine (chines hand woven rugs)

Dog’s urine includes harmful chemical compounds for rugs. It mixes up the rug’s color compounds; moreover causes the rug’s wraps and woofs lose their elasticity and become very hard and stiff which cause the rug to be broken and pierced by any pressure.

As illustrated, on the part of the rug containing cream and red colors, there is strewing color be cause of existing chemical substances in dog’s urine. We succeeded to clean it completely from the rug by the chemical compounds which are made by experienced skillful.

In this case, cleaning the spots is very important but removing the chemical substances, existing in dog’s urine, is more important than that and protecting the elasticity and preventing the warps and woofs from the cracking up and chafing as well.



Plant dyes in carpet industry


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1-A type of plant that make it yellow color 2-Wild saffron flower 3-saffron flower  help other colors for Create different colors 4-Pomegranate peel For dark colors and black source : The unabridged yadvareh persian carpet Related articles Learn the proper rugs cleaning … Continue reading