Afghan kazak Wash and Repair

چگونه فرش های اسید شور و براق شده را با کیفیت بالا مرمت کنیم

برای تهیه پشم جهت مرمت و تعمیر این گونه فرش هایی که برای کهنه جلوه کردن با اسید شسته میشود ابتدا زیر ساخت و تار و پود فرش را از نو مرمت کرده و یا همانگونه که در عکسها نمایان است به روش بند کردن و بدون زخمی کردن تار و پود اصلی‌ فرش آماده کنید و تمامی‌ رنگهایی که باید در بافت قسمت تعمیر به کار رود را یک درجه پر رنگ تر انتخاب کرده و در ظرفی‌ به میزان 2 لیتر آب معمولی‌ و 300 میلی‌ لیتر کلریکس و یا همان وایتکس حل کرده و پشم ها را یک به یک به مدت پنج دقیقه در این محلول بخوابانید تا هم شوره های روی پشم نو را بزداید و هم یک برقی طلایی رنگ به الیاف داده و به اصطلاح کهنگی مصنوعی به پشم بدهد. سپس  پشم ها را خشک کرده و به ترتیب نقش درون قسمت تعمیر شده ببافید ،  پس از اتمام بافت ، قسمت تعمیر شده را خوب چکش کاری کرده و با کیله درون قسمت نو بافت شده را پوک کنید و در آخر پشم های اضافه را چیده و پشت فرش را هم با آتش کز دهید با این روش نیازی  به آرایش و یا احتمالا دست کاری بعدی نخواهید داشت و همانگونه که در عکس مشاهده می‌کنید قسمت مرمت شده به سختی قابل تشخیص می‌باشد

Persian Nain cleaning and dye bleeding removal caused by urine‏

persian Nain Rug Wash and Cleaning of dye bleeding caused by urine and removal of odor and urine damages plus washing the rug against moth damage .
we are showing you here that we are able to take a challenge on one of the most difficult stain and dye bleeding removal on a very delicate and ultra fine woven Persian Rug out of the finest kork Wool and with Silk high lights
witch was done by Rug Cleaning Repair Darmany

Rug Repair of a Turkish Rug from Kars (moth damage)

Rug Repair  of a Turkish  Rug from Kars  (moth damage)

Tools : Scissors , Hooks , Threading the needle , Wool

Persian Tabriz Cleaning and Dye bleeding removal caused by Dog Urine

Before wash rug from dog urine

after washed

Dog’s urine includes harmful chemical compounds for rugs. It mixes up the rug’s color compounds; moreover causes the rug’s wraps and woofs lose their elasticity and become very hard and stiff which cause the rug to be broken and pierced by any pressure

Setup Rug fringe binding‏ (Tibet Rug)

Name of Rug : Tibet Rug

Repair Type :  Rug fringe binding

Tools: Scissors, yarn , needle , Cotton Strings

In order to give a modern rug cleaner and nicer look with out fringe for some one how dosent like have a fringes on his rug we could cut the fringes of and so on  a nice and clean woven cord with matching color .

Setup Repair and Restoration Shahrekurd (bakhtiari) persian rug

Type of Rug : Shahrekurd (bakhtiari) persian rug

Type of Repair :Fringe Repair

Size :

© 1960 Shahrekord Bakhtiari rug with vegetable dyes and quality is very high for this type of rug that has been repaired tears in KIlim and is replaced by its fringe

antique persian rug (seneh Kurdistan ) 1850 hole repair and hand cleaning

Type: Persian  Kurdistan  Seneh

Antiquity : 1805 ad

tools: Scissors . wool hook , old wool and cotton and frame .

this rug is Carefully hand cleaned .

Kurdistan is one of the western provinces of Iran.

Professional moth damage repair and cleaning Tabriz carpet

Tabriz Persian rug  moth damage  repair and cleaning

Type of rug : 40 knots

Tools: Scissors, Hooks . old wool from old kilim

The persian Rug cleaner orange county and los angeles from darmany company on Vimeo.

persian carpet (bijar) 1890 repair and cleaning with old wool

Bijar  persian carpet 1890 repair process. Steps include Repair a torn corner and  fringe repair with cleaning

Rug Repair by using of his wool rug – Chinese antique rug

This is a Chinese antique Rug belongs to the years 1870 – 1890 AD .A new method that we have used in the repair of antique Rug using of his wool rug for repair.We can repair old rugs if the knots Rug is  lift your wool Rug can be used for repair.

Steps to cord repair Slovak Czech rug

Repair of cord and washed  onto this rug

after repair and wash

Cleaning the strewing color caused by dog’s urine (chines hand woven rugs)

Dog’s urine includes harmful chemical compounds for rugs. It mixes up the rug’s color compounds; moreover causes the rug’s wraps and woofs lose their elasticity and become very hard and stiff which cause the rug to be broken and pierced by any pressure.

As illustrated, on the part of the rug containing cream and red colors, there is strewing color be cause of existing chemical substances in dog’s urine. We succeeded to clean it completely from the rug by the chemical compounds which are made by experienced skillful.

In this case, cleaning the spots is very important but removing the chemical substances, existing in dog’s urine, is more important than that and protecting the elasticity and preventing the warps and woofs from the cracking up and chafing as well.



Repairing the ripped or torn Birjand Mood rugs

Sewing  the warps to gether  is not used in this method, but the warps are woven in new warps by knots and it is woven row by row by using old wool and yarns which are prepared from old Kilims. The wefts and yarns are passed through the warps from left to right and vise versa. By using this method, there will not be remained any trace of the repairing. Using old yarns and applying cutoff yarns and wefts weaving method with new yarns make improving repair in high level.This method needs more time for repairing, but the quality is remarkable and recognizing the repaired parts is very difficult.

Explanation about Birjand Mood rug:

Birjand is a city located in the southern part of Khorasan and its distance from Tehran is 1309 kilometers and 1465 meters above the sea level.

The art and industry of rugs  in Birjand, especially in Mood and Drakhsh regions, has an old history. Designs and layouts are prepared and woven by native artists. The rugs of this area are very fine and nice with high number of rows and in crimson, cream and orange colors. The Birjand’s designs are often Reez Mahi (tinny fish), Boteh Jegheh and the vertical patterns of Lachak and Toranj.