Afghan kazak Wash and Repair

چگونه فرش های اسید شور و براق شده را با کیفیت بالا مرمت کنیم

برای تهیه پشم جهت مرمت و تعمیر این گونه فرش هایی که برای کهنه جلوه کردن با اسید شسته میشود ابتدا زیر ساخت و تار و پود فرش را از نو مرمت کرده و یا همانگونه که در عکسها نمایان است به روش بند کردن و بدون زخمی کردن تار و پود اصلی‌ فرش آماده کنید و تمامی‌ رنگهایی که باید در بافت قسمت تعمیر به کار رود را یک درجه پر رنگ تر انتخاب کرده و در ظرفی‌ به میزان 2 لیتر آب معمولی‌ و 300 میلی‌ لیتر کلریکس و یا همان وایتکس حل کرده و پشم ها را یک به یک به مدت پنج دقیقه در این محلول بخوابانید تا هم شوره های روی پشم نو را بزداید و هم یک برقی طلایی رنگ به الیاف داده و به اصطلاح کهنگی مصنوعی به پشم بدهد. سپس  پشم ها را خشک کرده و به ترتیب نقش درون قسمت تعمیر شده ببافید ،  پس از اتمام بافت ، قسمت تعمیر شده را خوب چکش کاری کرده و با کیله درون قسمت نو بافت شده را پوک کنید و در آخر پشم های اضافه را چیده و پشت فرش را هم با آتش کز دهید با این روش نیازی  به آرایش و یا احتمالا دست کاری بعدی نخواهید داشت و همانگونه که در عکس مشاهده می‌کنید قسمت مرمت شده به سختی قابل تشخیص می‌باشد

Why should we make the rug clean by an expert rug washing once every few years?

To understand better, why does our rug need to clean, which is made up of natural fiber  like wool, silk or cotton, we’d better compare it to similar stuff i.e. our clothing, or hair, but differently, since the rug is spread on the floor and all the suspended particles in the air and dust and even bacteria and harmful microorganisms shed on the rug, it increases the necessity of washing it. Because these suspended particles and dust mount on the warp and weft of the rug and cling to its fibers due to humidity, and eliminates the elasticity of fibers and any sudden movement may tear fibers which silk or wool knot mounted on them and quickly may cause a hole in the rug, so you can prevent it by washing and removing dust.

Meanwhile, if the rug is not washed for a long time, you provide an ideal environment within and between fibers to grow and reproduction harmful bacteria, as well as wool eating moths. So you may guarantee your health and your rug’s for longer time and enjoy it by washing once a while.

Pictures of Rug cleaning and Repair Darmany company

Learn the proper rugs cleaning

Below you see a type of carpet and rug  washed by the customer getting the expensive carpet and rug  spoiled, stained, and run. In order to safely wash a carpet, a person   requires rich experience and high knowledge of identifying a variety of colors and chemical detergents for cleaning. Actually, while washing a carpet, we should take into account the specific method for the type of carpet at hand on the basis of the kind of its color, material, fibers and wool. On account of these reasons, it is better to assign this specialized work to an expert of this field. In so doing, not only is your carpet completely washed and beautified but it can also be kept safe from any damage to the material and dyes of carpet fibers.

Here as you see, there is a sample of a carpet  and rug that a customer has tried to do its washing and cleaning. In fact, this action has unfortunately caused severe color run all over the carpet. However, having rich experience and knowledge in this regard, we made an attempt to remove this damage costing too much and taking time. At the central part and Toranj of the carpet, we could successfully clean the dye bleeding area to 90%.



When washing a carpet and rug , you should meticulously observe the following crucial points:

  1. Try to wash the carpet  and rug just with cool water because hot water makes the dyes of fibers and wool be dissolved and run to other parts of the carpet.
  2. Try to quickly get water out of the carpet  and rug after washing it with the neutral PH detergents because in case of staying water inside the carpet, it goes into the side edges of the carpet and causes dye bleeding of fibers at this area.
  3. Do not dry the carpet  and rug in the sunlight because the sun heat as another damaging factor dissolves the fiber dyes in the water existing inside the carpet and this causes to form colorful stains on the carpet. After washing the carpet, place it on a smooth surface to allow for air circulation. This action indeed gets the carpet really dry and prevents carpet creasing too. In order to facilitate the action of drying, you can put a fan near the carpet to blow the air directing towards two sides, on the carpet and under it or even you can lift a corner of the carpet and use the fan to blow under the carpet.

It should be noted once more that if you have a carpet and rug, you had better give it to an experienced carpet washer rather than wash it yourself; because based on my experience working with carpet cleaning services, carpet dye bleeding is considered to be one of the major irremediable damages to the carpet.

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