Why should we make the rug clean by an expert rug washing once every few years?

To understand better, why does our rug need to clean, which is made up of natural fiber  like wool, silk or cotton, we’d better compare it to similar stuff i.e. our clothing, or hair, but differently, since the rug is spread on the floor and all the suspended particles in the air and dust and even bacteria and harmful microorganisms shed on the rug, it increases the necessity of washing it. Because these suspended particles and dust mount on the warp and weft of the rug and cling to its fibers due to humidity, and eliminates the elasticity of fibers and any sudden movement may tear fibers which silk or wool knot mounted on them and quickly may cause a hole in the rug, so you can prevent it by washing and removing dust.

Meanwhile, if the rug is not washed for a long time, you provide an ideal environment within and between fibers to grow and reproduction harmful bacteria, as well as wool eating moths. So you may guarantee your health and your rug’s for longer time and enjoy it by washing once a while.

Pictures of Rug cleaning and Repair Darmany company

5 thoughts on “Why should we make the rug clean by an expert rug washing once every few years?

    • Because Rugs cleaning, especially for hand-woven rugs that cost thousands of dollars by inexperienced persons may bring irreparable damage.

      Since most handmade rugs with natural dyes and wash each of them has its own formula. Is it worth the damage to a rug is expensive?

  1. Having rugs at home is providing warmth and comfort for the users. In order to keep its quality, cleaning it regularly is quite recommended. Consulting to an expert regarding your rugs cleaning will save your time. You do not need to think what must you do and don’t. If you wash it by yourself, likely it’s time consuming and the result will not as clean as an expert gives.

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  3. A&H sɑys that these new dry carpet cleaners abѕorb allerցens,
    eliminate odors and break down in only 30
    minutes, leaving you with a fast, dгy and easy clean that leaves you with
    ‘ready tо walk ߋn’ cɑrрet in under an hour.
    You can ensure effective carpet cleaning and maintenancе by taking immediate action on the spots and stains.

    Other schools may specialize in only one certification sucҺ as water damage restoration.

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