Plant dyes in carpet industry


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1-A type of plant that make it yellow color 2-Wild saffron flower 3-saffron flower  help other colors for Create different colors 4-Pomegranate peel For dark colors and black source : The unabridged yadvareh persian carpet Related articles Learn the proper rugs cleaning … Continue reading

Repairing the ripped or torn Birjand Mood rugs

Sewing  the warps to gether  is not used in this method, but the warps are woven in new warps by knots and it is woven row by row by using old wool and yarns which are prepared from old Kilims. The wefts and yarns are passed through the warps from left to right and vise versa. By using this method, there will not be remained any trace of the repairing. Using old yarns and applying cutoff yarns and wefts weaving method with new yarns make improving repair in high level.This method needs more time for repairing, but the quality is remarkable and recognizing the repaired parts is very difficult.

Explanation about Birjand Mood rug:

Birjand is a city located in the southern part of Khorasan and its distance from Tehran is 1309 kilometers and 1465 meters above the sea level.

The art and industry of rugs  in Birjand, especially in Mood and Drakhsh regions, has an old history. Designs and layouts are prepared and woven by native artists. The rugs of this area are very fine and nice with high number of rows and in crimson, cream and orange colors. The Birjand’s designs are often Reez Mahi (tinny fish), Boteh Jegheh and the vertical patterns of Lachak and Toranj.

introduce a book about rugs (The secret of the most elegant and precious rugs in the world )

The secret of the most elegant and precious rugs in the world is a book about history rugs with color photos and Description

.Also you can learn about Colored wool With vegetable dyes .The author is Dr Reza Hekmatnejad  and This book was written in Persian and English


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2-raw material and dye

3-four important principle elements in a genuine rug (wool , dye , weaving and pattern )