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In my work, I have always kept a German proverb in mind saying “a customer should always be treated as a king”. Inspired by this proverb, I know giving the best and reliable service to customers is a major duty. Hence, in order to attract and keep the highest level of customers’ satisfaction towards my work, I have made an attempt to enhance the best quality and service. 23759_4669029120973_588472039_n From my childhood, I was thoroughly captivated by the enchanting designs and delightful colors of hand-made rugs entirely compounded by feelings, emotions, and art. In 1990, in order to fully learn the art of carpet repairing and weaving, I entered one of the private schools located at Grand Bazaar of Tehran.During 3 years, whatever related to the carpet industry from learning this art to working on repairing, washing, coloring of wool, threadlike fibers and velvet as well as stain removing gave me a great amount of experience. After graduation from carpet school, I was employed at Grand Bazaar of Tehran till 1997. Then, in 1997, in order to work in a company of repairing carpet, I was departed to Istanbul, Turkey. There, for 2 years I actually worked as the supervisor of repairing section.During this time, I became so familiar with methods and techniques of carpet industry used by Turkish that this in turn contributed to my lavish experience in this regard. In 1999, after migration to Germany, I firstly worked at Bankdar Company located in Nuremberg, Germany. Then, after 3 years, having the experience of learning German language, I went to Kashani Company and started my work as the supervisor of the respective company till 2007.Since I was overfilled with enthusiasm, energy and tendency for further prosperity, working at workstations and company did not satisfy a person like me having thousands of creative ideas and innovations. Thus, I decided to found my own company. However, due to a number of limitations related to the rules of Germany including tough rules for foreigners, my progress in this country was not satisfactory at all. Therefore, because of one of my friends’ insistence in encouraging me for migrating to America so as to turn my dreams into reality and perform my plans, I once more decided to migrate there. In fact, this journey to the land of my dreams, California, was the one which I always imagined when I was a little child. Just as I expected, in California, things are completely on track and no impediments can be seen for those having innovative ideas, creativity, and incentives for more operation. Furthermore, in this country, there is a great amount of encouragement and support for those creative people having motivation for innovation and progress. Now, after several years, armed with the mastery of English language, I have been able to successfully start, perform and end my plans and goals one by one. Actually, I never believed America is the land of great dreams until I myself felt it wholeheartedly. In sum, as far as I have ability and potential, I hope to greatly advance my company, be a fruitful person taking steps for achieving my goals and plans and eventually, be a component of this hardworking, humanitarian society and the land of great opportunities in order to help it achieve further progress and improvement.

Persian Nain cleaning and dye bleeding removal caused by urine‏

persian Nain Rug Wash and Cleaning of dye bleeding caused by urine and removal of odor and urine damages plus washing the rug against moth damage .
we are showing you here that we are able to take a challenge on one of the most difficult stain and dye bleeding removal on a very delicate and ultra fine woven Persian Rug out of the finest kork Wool and with Silk high lights
witch was done by Rug Cleaning Repair Darmany

Complete Repair and Restoration of Persian Kerman from ca 1850

Persian Ghom new silk fringe Replacement‏

Professional fringe Replacement‏ on silk Rug  Persian Ghom .

Carpets Cup Asia 2015 Australia


Carpets Cup Asia 2015 Australia

Rugs Plan : master toraj joleh

Design and color :  Mitra taheri

Carpet weaver : Master Hossain Kazemi Hamed

The carpet was woven for the Asian Cup Australia

Silk Fringe Repair Isfahan Rug

Isfahan (persian) Rug Repair

her by we show you whole process of fringe replacement on a persian isfahan with silk foundations cork wool and silk highlights with over 800 knot per square inch including the original finishing one inch kilim on it