cord repair of antique indian agra rug

this is a Agra rug from Madhya Pradesh india
from 1910 to 1920
Type of repair :repairing of a cord at the side on thin antique Agra rug which was worn out with perfectly  dyed and matched yarn

size of rug :

Tools and material : Scissors , Needle , wool yarn ,

Russian kilim( armenian) caucasian karabakh repair and restoration

the armenian russian kilim from 1900 to 1910 wool on wool fondations
vegetble colors
just black in chrome dyes

Type of repair : Repairing holes inside Russian Kilim ( Armenian) Caucasian  Karabakh  repair and restoration

size of rug :

Tools and material : , Scissors , antique  wool, hook ,frame

The difference between professional restoration and unprofessional restoration (Kilim Konya )

The Kilim was already a darning (repair man) stitch  and The quality was  low.Previous repair cracks and repair again.

Type of repair :  Restoring a Kilim Konya, Turkey

size of rug :

Tools and material : , Scissors , old wool, hook ,frame